What is VHSDNA?
We are an independent collectibles grading service, specializing in VHS. Creating and pioneering the VHS collecting segment.
We are bringing back VHS as the MOST UNIVERSAL COLLECTOR ITEM ON THE PLANET. Pure nostalgia in your hand. Everyone has a favorite movie or movie memory that transcends through VHS. Whether you’re an avid collector, casual collector or just a movie fan, VHSDNA has something to offer you.
Why would I buy Graded VHS Tapes?
With the collecting market booming and nostalgia hunger at an all-time high, we’ve focused on the most undervalued collecting segment, VHS. VHS are becoming harder and harder to find. Rarity and collectability go hand in hand, so collecting some high end VHS can make for a great investment or if you just want to collect a VHS special to you for sentimental value, there’s something for everyone in this segment.  
What do I do with my graded VHS Tape?
Display it! Film is so universal, that having your favorite film on VHS displayed in our state-of-the-art case will attract attention and be a great conversation piece anywhere you put it. Preserve all those nostalgia feels in a modern, classical way.
How do you grade VHS Tapes?
VHSDNA has developed a one of a kind 10-Point grading scale specific to VHS. Many factors go into obtaining a final overall grade, such as: Is it sealed? If so, is the shrink wrap intact and original to the VHS? Is it a sleeved only VHS? If so, how are the corners, the sheen on all sides and top, is there fraying to the flaps? Does it have discoloration or scuffs? Are there stickers on it? All of these and many other factors go into determining a final overall grade of your VHS. We focus on the Sleeve Condition and if opened (CIB), Tape Condition. If a VHS is factory sealed, then it receives a Sleeve Condition Grade made up of sub-categories and a Seal Letter Grade based on the shrink-wrap condition.
What does it cost to have my VHS graded?
Right now it’s $148 for a 120 Day Turnaround and $198.00 for a 30 Day Turnaround.
What if my tape isn’t very rare, it’s just special to me?
We’ll grade it! That’s exactly why we started this company. To bring back your old memories and all the feels you get when you see your favorite movie on VHS displayed.
Will you sell graded VHS Tapes?
No, with integrity at the forefront of this venture, we won’t be grading, then selling any of our own VHS.
What makes your encapsulation case special?
We use a museum quality acrylic, that’s 99% UV protected. We seal each case by hand and add a special unique tamper-proof serial number sticker to each encapsulation to insure your collectible is not only tamperproof but will withstand the test of time. We’ve also doubled down on protection by double encasing the VHS. We call it the “case within a case.”
Do you grade loose tapes?
Yes! We would then examine the Tape Condition only.