As I help create this market, I know a lot of people are going to have the same question: ”what makes this guy the authority or expert on VHS?” Well, after over thirty years of collecting VHS and seeing just about every different release and variation of all titles from sealed to unsealed, I’m the perfect person to take on this responsibility. I own over 500 movie posters, over 1,400 ticket stubs, over 2,000 autographs and over 20,000 VHS. That’s the passion side of it, now from the professional and knowledge side, I’ve also spent the last 30 years of my life being heavily involved in the inner workings of the biggest retailer in the world, Walmart, who was responsible for over 75% of VHS sales.


Before serving as a supplier and director of product development, where I have single handedly designed and developed some of the most high-trend consumer products out there, I got to shadow a VP of Operations and lifelong Walmart guy, my father. I spent many mornings, afternoons and nights trolling around the floors of Walmart and Sam’s Clubs, with an obvious focus on the entertainment section. I would have access to releases before they were made public, I would observe how different studios marketed their new releases, which departments VHS would be assigned, how the discount bins worked and how margins were determined. I got a first-hand look at how Walmart distribution centers functioned, where overstock VHS would go for rewrapping and sell-off through other retail partners.


Now, how does this benefit my current role as founder of VHSDNA? I know what all these watermarks mean, I know what the placement of these watermarks mean, I know what the slightest difference between each little nuance of a specific title means and I know why the same title might have 2-3 different versions of a seal. Do I know everything there is to know about VHS? Of course not, but as far as being the authority on authentication and unique VHS knowledge, I’m extremely confident.


I didn’t ever join collector forums, nor was I heavily involved in the online collecting world. I’m not a big social media guy and I don’t like to talk about myself or grandstand. I’ve set out to do something different and fun for the collecting community here, its that simple. I’m merging all of my consumer trend and marketing knowledge with the passion for film and collecting I’ve had my whole life. Because of my past success, I can own and operate 100% of this venture. I designed the logo myself, I designed the case myself and I sourced the case myself. That’s what makes this project so special, close to home and unique to me as I represent every middleman. I thought I could hide in the shadows as “Mr. VHS” (which is a joke by the way) because I’m such a private person, but I guess I was naive to think I wouldn’t have to be the face of this thing and put myself out there. But, here I am and here’s my company and ultimate passion project, VHSDNA. -Kohl Hitt/Founder and Owner


I dedicate this all to my wife, who puts up with and supports my obsession.

I’d also like to thank my cats for all their support as well. All the remaining and lost cats.

Have your cats spayed or neutered. Geez, did I just end this whole thing with a Bob Barker quote? Yikes.



VP of Operations: Laura Gallardo

We’d like to welcome the newest addition to the VHSDNA family, Laura Gallardo. Laura deals with our contracts, patents, trademarks and other “boring legal stuff.” Laura was the youngest person in her graduating class in law school, graduating from Baylor Law at just 23, with both state and federal judicial internships.

 Laura then spent time on the Hill working on the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. After that, Laura started working closely at Roger Sander’s law firm and after several seven and eight-figure “home runs” for her clients – she became the youngest named partner at Sanders, Motley, Young, and Gallardo, PLLC.

 During her already impressive career, Laura has developed a unique formula for compiling, organizing, cataloging and coding millions and millions of pages of documents. Always looking to grow and explore, Laura has decided to embrace her love of the unique and vigor for legal document authentication and has now taken a step back from a full-time legal career to help form VHSDNA. Laura embodies all the integrity and responsibility this company and collecting community deserves.

Laura’s favorite movies are Blow and Steel Magnolias, and she loves cats.